Echelle and Deon seemed to have it all. But when the demands of two careers become more than Deon cares to handle he decides that divorce is the only option and Echelle regretfully watches her “happily ever after” walk out the door. After a year, Deon brings his new fiancé to pick up their son for one of his bi-weekly visits. It is then that Echelle is forced to accept that there is no hope for reconciliation.

When hurt turns to rage, it is their innocent son who is caught in the constant tug of war between the divorced pair. It is not until Echelle is faced with the notion of her son running away and being hit by a car that she realizes the irreparable damage they are causing. With his young life hanging in the balance she decides the constant quest for revenge is not worth the unhappiness of her only child. Unfortunately, it just might be too late.


Bronzelens Film Festival Learning Center – Hyatt Regency 265 Peachtree Street NE|Atlanta, Georgia| Thursday, August 22, 2019 – 12:00 PM

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