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Founded by CEO Kinnik Sky  Dazzal Mi Entertainment (pronounced Dazzle Me) was created purely out of  passion for the performing arts & creating quality productions.  Dazzal Mi Entertainment perpetuates thought provoking and even life changing stories played out before a conscious audience. With regal sophistication Dazzal Mi Entertainment strives to set a standard in the entertainment industry of excellence and class. The company’s goal is to achieve internationally acclaimed works that transcends race, gender and social status. Dazzal Mi Entertaiment. “Creating conscious entertainment that shines.”


Dazzal Mi Entertainment Productions


Loser takes all…….. or something.    Nile Winters is a beautiful Psychiatrist with her own practice. She has everything, everything that is except a man… until Charles Anderson walks into her office. He too, has it all. He has the career, the stability, & is quite easy on the eyes. There is an instant attraction between the two. It seems as though nothing can stand in their way….. except his wife and child. Now there are 2 women determined to keep the prize. Will Nile resist the temptation of becoming a mistress or will pieces of a man be just what the doctor ordered?

Sunday Mourning 

Smart, beautiful, and deeply in love, Sunday is living the American dream. But that dream quickly turns into a nightmare when she uncovers a web of deceit, lies, and an unthinkable betrayal that sends her to the edge of madness. Filled with humor and heartache, Sunday Mourning will take audiences on an emotional roller coaster as they follow Sunday’s journey to discover the truth about herself, her world, and her long lost dream.

Power Couple Struggle 

This is where we enter the life of Montana and Caleb, a young couple madly in love.  Montana is a young, energetic, up and coming journalist and Caleb an ex professional football player now part owner in a protection firm.  The two met in a grocery store and dated for just under a year when Caleb proposed and Montana accepted.   

They had a plan in life.  It is when all the planning ends and real life begins that they realize that their individual ideology of success may not make their bond tighter.  Disappointingly, it becomes clear that what drew them to each other could very well be what tears them apart.  Will this power couple struggle and survive?  Or does the bond break under the pressure when two 
powerhouses collide?

Straight from The Sky

Straight from The Sky  Web-Series 2010-2011

A weekly online Entertainment and Celebrity Insight Series.

Straight From The Sky

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